First Impressions: We Never Learn: BOKUBEN

This looks like it could be very bad or kind of interesting. Let’s hope for interesting.

nice hair

We Never Learn: BOKUBEN is about a high school boy of average intelligence trying to tutor a pair of genius girls so that they can get into the university of their choice. The only catch is, they want to study to subjects that they are completely useless at.

This show is, for the most part, decent – while a little ridiculous, everyone’s motivations are understandable, and there are plenty of sweet and amusing moments. The premise of trying to follow your own course, even if it’s not one you’re naturally gifted in, is an interesting one, if handled well. Unfortunately, said moments are marred slightly by a tendency to play on the fact that the main character is a teenage boy tutoring two attractive teenage girls and thus experiencing Hormones™. This tendency doesn’t really fit with the rest of the show, in my opinion, but it’s played in such a way that the viewer could easily take it as the show making fun of the kid, rather than giving them a chance to objective the girls.

The animation is delightfully fluid, and the music’s good, but given the issues already apparent, I’m not so sure about watching more.

It’s not bad per se, but I’m not so sure about continuing. Check it out for yourself, and let me know what you think?

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