First Impressions: Namu amida butsu! – Utena

Samurai gods fighting demons? Sounds like fun.


This is not fun. Namu amida butsu! – Utena is about a couple of enlightened samurai gods new to the Material Realm trying to figure out how things work with the help of some not very helpful superiors, and occasionally fighting ‘Earthly Vices’, and if that description made you think this might be interesting or funny in any way, I do apologize.

That’s not to say the show doesn’t try to be funny, but the jokes never really land for me. The art is kinda pretty, i guess, and some of the character designs are cute, but none of them are particularly original, and the animation itself is kinda clunky. The characters themselves are fairly one dimensional, at this point, and nothing about the plot makes me eager to learn more. The premise itself has potential, but I’d rather explore that potential in something that is actually, you know, vaguely interesting.

Also, there aren’t nearly enough women.

I won’t be watching again. You might want to save yourself the time and give this one a pass, too.

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