First Impressions: King Of Prism – Shiny Seven Stars

This anime is not an anime.

You know those romance/visual novel video game walkthroughs on YouTube that show you what happens when you pick all the best romance options for love interests? That’s what this is. They don’t even try to put in an actual viewer stand in character or stick to one LI per episode. It’s like they’ve literally just spliced all the relevant cut scenes together without attempting to make an actual anime.. It’s not subtle. Or particularly well done.

If you’re interested in the game King of Prism is based on, feel free to check it out. Otherwise, you’re not missing much if you skip it.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions: King Of Prism – Shiny Seven Stars

  1. Yikes, I don’t know where to start. King of Prism is definitely not for everyone, and I don’t blame people if they don’t like it because the anime throws you into the middle of the story.
    But a quick look on the Wikipedia articles would even tell you that King of Prism is a spin-off of Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live that focuses on the male characters, and it was originally two movies. The anime series takes place directly after those movies. Not to mention, the otome game scenarios were specifically tailored for audience participation, and King of Prism popularized having that in Japanese theaters.
    Yes, you had to have watched the first two movies and Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live to know what’s going on, but the fact that you didn’t even know this just makes it difficult to take your review seriously. King of Prism isn’t based off a game at all. (Pretty Rhythm is though and it doesn’t focus on the male characters.)


  2. For your information, if anyone doesn’t know yet, this anime was the sequel of 2 movies called King of Prism and King of Prism Pride the Hero. Also the movie itself was the spin off or sequel of an anime targeted to young girls called Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live focusing on girls character while the movie focused on the boy side so you might get confused of some scenes.
    Reccomend to watch
    1. Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
    2. King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm
    3. King of Prism Pride the Hero
    4. Then lastly Shiny Seven Stars
    If you want more I suggest that anyone who just got into Pretty Rhythm to start with Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream then Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future before exploring Rainbow Live though it won’t be necessary that while references were all over anime, they won’t affect the story.


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