First Impressions: Tejina-Senpai

Wow! This artist sure does draw hentai a lot! Why is it always the gross fetishy hentai artists who break into the mainstream? They suck! Capitalism really does kill talent.

Magical senpai is about a beady eyed boy with no personality worth mentioning joining his high school magic club because the club founder is an ahegao-faced moe blob with big tiddies. I mean, because she’s cute and endearing and he wants to help her, or some similar such bullshit.

Gonna level with you, I stopped watching this six minutes in. The low-end hentai artstyle is distracting, the characters are boring, and its so clearly put together as an excuse to draw the girls in hentai poses without doing the actual hentai that anything else just feels disingenuous. Now if you’ll excuse me, summer has officially begun and the ants have forgotten that to enter my home is to court swift chemical death. Goodbye.

One thought on “First Impressions: Tejina-Senpai

  1. Love this review. Everything I need to know in 3 paragraphs and it was probably more entertaining than the anime from the sound of it


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