First Impressions: Astra Lost in Space

Today, we leave the comforting, familiar realm of Crunchyroll and journey into the cold heartless embrace of Funimation as we review Astra Lost in Space.


According to ABK, Astra is “like Are You Lost? except coed, in space, and significantly less horny,” which is actually a pretty accurate assessment. It’s based on a manga, which I’ve never read, and so can’t speak to its faithfulness as an adaptation – especially considering this is just the first episode.

That said, this show is a lot of fun. The characters are likable and realistic, the art’s decent, and the storyline, while vaguely familiar, never strays too far into the ‘seen it before.’ The show manages to take itself seriously while still managing to be funny, which is always a good thing.

This is absolutely something I’d watch again, and I strongly suggest you do the same.

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