First Impressions: How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

HiDive couldn’t manage it. Amazon couldn’t manage it. But you’ve gone and done it, Funimation. You greedy bastards.

Yeah, up till now our first impression reviews have always been on anime airing on Crunchyroll. However, now that Funimation has decided they want to do simulcasts as well, they’ve been snatching up most of the good shit, so we’ve got no choice but to start covering premiers on, ugh, a second website.

don’t be fooled. that smiley face is the face of evil

Anyway. On to the thing.

This anime seems like it’s a lot easier to jive with if you understand that Japan has the lowest (or at least one of the lowest) average BMIs of any developed country, which is probably why their perception of what is considered fat is not what, say, an American sitting in his recliner eating donut holes and drinking Code Red while watching the bodybuilding anime would consider fat.

Our Hero is not fat. Her BMI is average for a high schooler. Puberty is a time of rapid growth and development so teenagers need to eat a lot. This anime is not helping with the whole “pushing unrealistic expectations for body image on young girls” thing.

However. This anime also features a character who looks like this:

muscle muscle hustle hustle
muscle muscle! hustle hustle!

Maybe it’s opinion on body image issues is not one that needs to be taken seriously.

If you have a low tolerance for fat shaming or a personal history of food-related issues you might want to give this one a skip, but otherwise it’s a decently funny comedy that looks nice enough. The characters aren’t exactly breaking any new boundaries in terms of personality and the ojou-sama looks like ever ojou-sama in every anime ever, but it’s the first Doga Kobo production in waaaaay too fucking long that isn’t catering to pedophiles so that is just super nice.

If nothing too interesting drops on Wednesday (there is Astra, which I’m not covering myself because I read the manga, but Charlie will be providing their first impressions of tomorrow) I’ll probably stick with it, but at the very least it’ll probably get about three more episodes.


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