First Impressions: Demon Lord, Retry

Okay, okay, so stop me if you’ve heard this one before. There’s this guy, okay? And he’s playing a video game? And then he- get this- ends up inside the-

Yeah, yeah, okay. But this time he’s an OP bad guy character but he’s not really a bad gu-

Ugh. Okay. Fine. But. This time, he’s got some little moeblob crotch goblin following him around, and he probably doesn’t want to fuck it! That sounds… watchable? Right?

the infinity game seems awful finite

I talk a lot of shit about isekai as a genre, but I do genuinely enjoy isekai series that either fully embrace the inherent absurdity of the genre (like Overlord or Slime Time) or actually put in the effort to at least try and make something good that takes advantage of the unique opportunities provided by the concept (like Re:Zero). Unfortunately, since isekai is really popular and even easier to half-ass for a paycheck, most of them are basically the same story in the same setting with the same characters with the only differences being names and the order of the very predictable events.

This anime is very much one of those. There are some attempts at originality, mostly notable being the OP’s hint that Our Hero isn’t going to be the only object of desire for the paper doll female cast, but that’s really about it.

Nothing stands out as being particularly bad about this premier (aside from Mullet Mafioso’s run cycle), but there’s nothing particularly good either. It’s pretty boring. I’m pretty bored. I’ll be giving the rest of this one a miss.

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