First Impressions: Given

I haven’t see many anime about bands. This might be interesting.

A good puppy

This is very good. I enjoy it. The characters themselves feel like actual people instead of Anime People™, and the relationships being set up between the main characters feel very natural, both romantically and as friends. I especially like that this seems to be focusing more on the characters-trying-to-make-it-as-a-band aspect, than the dumb-boys-falling-in-love aspect – not to say that that part’s not a focus, but it’s not the main focus, if that makes sense.

Additionally, Given is super pretty, both aesthetically and sound-wise, which is what you’d want from a show about a band. That’s not to say that it’s perfect – there are certain tropes in play that I’m not a huge fan of – but it is, at least so far, a very strong contender for best show I’ve watched this season.

Anyway, I strongly suggest y’all give this one a look, and I will definitely be continuing with it.

One thought on “First Impressions: Given

  1. Great review! I only heard about Given today. The only other band anime I’ve seen is “Anonymous Noise,” which seemed more character-focused to me. It was just 12 episodes, so only so much can be done. I’ll check Given out


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