First Impressions: Ahiru no Sora

This is an anime adaptation of a manga series from fifteen (15) years ago. It is a sports anime. I don’t know shit fuck damn about sports anime, yo.

Ahiro no Sora: Happy go Ducky!! (yes that is the full title) is about a teenager named Kurumatani Sora, who has spent his whole life being oppressed due to being short.

manlet rights

Sora joins his high school basketball team, which turns out to be totally defunct and made up of delinquents. I assume the premise that Sora’s passion for the game turns them around is a subversion from standard sports anime fare since he actually knows what he’s doing and isn’t just a cute, peppy amateur. He is cute and peppy, though.

I actually really really like this one. The characters are charming, and the animation is as solid as a hype shonen sports anime should get, with decent moments of sakuga. I’ll be…. sticking with this one? That’s a weird thing for me to say about a sports anime.

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