First Impressions: Azur Lane

War… War never changes… No, wait, that’s a different game.

Azur Lane is based on a side-scrolling mobile game, and to be honest you’d probably be better off playing that than watching this. The premise is decent enough I suppose – from what I could gather, sentient ships shaped like (mildly sexualized, mostly young) girls were created to combat aliens or something, and then half of them decided to declare war on the other half, and to be honest, I was bored half-way through the introduction. I wanted to like it, don’t get me wrong – it’s fun getting to watch little girls be badass – but after the first voyeuristic shot of under-boob, I figured out this one just isn’t for me.

Also, someone should inform the writers that no one wants to watch two minutes of opening exposition, and saying something over and over again doesn’t make it important or thematic, it just makes it annoying. To be fair to the animators, it’s not blatantly obvious the art director is a pedophile, and the sort of imagery in this show is common enough across the genre that they’re probably not, but the fact that I can’t say for certain is… distressing.

I’ll be giving this one a pass. If you’re interested in moe magical girl mecha anime, there are almost definitely better ones than this, so maybe only check it out if you’re truly desperate.

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