First Impressions: High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World!

Oh, hey, another isekai, yay…

Seven kids who are somehow the smartest and bestest in their chosen fields whilst still in high school (even those who, logically, should have graduated in order to advance in said fields) are drawn to another world somehow to Save the Day. So, pretty standard fare, as far as isekai go.

Still, this is pretty decent, and not nearly as horny as I was expecting from the amount of unfeasibly large boobage. It’s much better than a certain other isekai I watched recently, even if it’s not the best. Most of the characters are decent, and the animation’s smooth. The show isn’t so bothered with being realistic that it pulls away from the comedic angle they’re striving for, and it’s so far managed to avoid most of the pit falls of its genre. They even manage not to give the furry characters two sets of ears!

I might be tempted to watch it again, depending on what else premiers. Check it out for yourself!

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