First Impressions: Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Imagine being fourteen years old and so hilariously neglected by your dickhead parents that not only do you have to get a job on a tuna fishing boat (at 14) and never receive a proper education, but also they sell your soul to a demon because they suck and your life is a joke.

Also the demon is this guy.


And now you’re stuck as the adopted grandson of this kooky old demon man, who expects to spoil you rotten and sends you to demon school, which is a school for demons, and has a school song which is entirely about eating humans, which is what you are, and you just have to deal with that because your life sucks and is a joke, but it turns out to be perfectly fine for the one singular reason that every single person you meet is a complete and total moron.

That’s the premise of this series. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a comedy series starring Iruma-kun, a good good boy who’s life sucks total shit 100% of the time. Overall, I likr this first episode. Its entertaining, and the characters are charming. The animation is pretty standard Saturday morning kid’s show stuff, but that’s not really a bad thing and this isn’t really the kind of series that would need totally mindblowing animation anyway. I’m gonna stick with this one.

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