Light Novel Review: Sexiled: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out, So I Teamed Up With A Mythical Sorceress!

Hello dear reader! You may have known that this is an anime review blog, but did you know that I, the most talented and beautiful of this blog’s three contributers, have also been known to read light novels sometimes, and will occasionally ecen talk about them online?

Yes I know we’re in the middle of doing first impressions reviews for the new anime season, what of it? Blogs can be for more than one thing.

“Sexiled: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out So I Teamed Up With A Mythical Sorceress!” is a light novel by Ameko Kaeruda and published by Kadokawa, released in English through their Bookwalker site. It stars a woman named Tanya Artemeciov, a mage who graduated as valedictorian of her magic school and now works as an adventurer, until her party leader and childhood friend Ryan Daars fires her on the basis of her gender. Tanya reacts by going out into the middle of a wasteland to blow shit up with magic to relieve stress, accidentally breaking the seal on an immortal sorceress named Laplace in the process. After a series of events, Tanya and Laplace team up with the intent of getting revenge against Ryan by humiliating him in the upcoming adventurers’ tournament.

Sexiled is an action-comedy that uses its revenge plot as a vehicle through which to tell a story about self-actualization, solidarity, and emotional catharsis. All of the characters (except Ryan. Ugh, Ryan.) are instantly likeable and remarkably complex, with charming dialogue and motivations that made them instantly relatable. The plot is largely character-driven, and though the story is simple with few twists and turns it remains engaging throughout, with humor that never managed to fall flat for me.

At just over 150 pages, Sexiled is a brisk and easy read with little filler, moving quickly between scenes while never feeling rushed. Though it only stops once to catch its breath, even that serves to set up events which occur later on.

This is a good first volume and a strong start for Ameko Kaeruda’s authorial debut, and though short enough to finish in roughly three hours, its worth every moment and I strongly recommend it for anyone with $7 to spare.

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