First Impressions: Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth

A cop drama, oh boy, I can’t wait. I’m sure it won’t be sexist at all.

Hard same, my dude.

So… Main Character Lady is chosen to recruit people for a new drug crimes police squad, even though she’s new herself and likely has no training in the relevant skill set, and she’s considered the best candidate for the job because, and I could not make this nonsense up, she has ‘total drug immunity.’ Because that’s relevant… somehow. Also, people keep calling her, a grown ass woman, a ‘girl’, and assume she’s crap at her job because she’s female, which is fairly standard for the genre, I guess, but still annoying. Also, she has the personality of dry toast, which is not what you want in a main character. (To be fair, all of the characters are fairly bland, but my point stands.)

To be honest, this show’s so boring I checked out after ten minutes. Maybe if you like romantic, slow as molasses, cop dramas, you might like this, but I won’t be watching it again.

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