First Impressions: Two For One!

Here comes a double review because I forgot to do them sooner and my fellow reviewers were too busy! Huzzah!

Anime the First:

Africa Salaryman: It’s an office worker gag anime that may or may not be poking fun at Americans and office workers. All the characters are anthropomorphic animals, and it’s apparently set Somewhere in Africa™. It’s funny enough, and while there are better anime about office workers (*hint* Aggretsuko *hint*), this one’s not bad. Give it a shot, if it’s your thing, but it’s not really mine, so I’ll be giving it a pass.

Keep scrollin’, punk.

Anime the Second:

Actors: Songs Connection: I am utterly indifferent to idol anime. This is an idol anime. It’s fine. The characters are nice enough. The animation’s passable. They or may not be doing something interesting with the premise – it’s a futuristic post-apocalyptic idol anime? Maybe? There’s just enough post-apocalyptic imagery that it’s either set after some disaster, or it’s metaphorical emotion-apocalypse imagery. I couldn’t really tell what they were going for, but that’s the impression I got. The only thing that really stood out to me was the guy with sleeves over his hands who still managed to play the piano effectively. It was mildly annoying, but also, somehow, impressive. If you like idol anime, it’s probably worth checking out, but I’mma pass on this one, thanks.

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