First Impressions: Somali and the Forest Spirit

This anime was described to me as Undertale if the monsters won, and that is not an incorrect assessment.

I don’t know what this is, but I like it.

This anime is adorable, and everyone should watch it. It’s a surprisingly gentle take on a post-human/monster war world, where the monsters won and ate/enslaved/killed all the humans. The relationship between Somali and her dad-Golem is sweet, and Somali herself is a realistically hyperactive kid. In fact, all of the characters feel real, monsters or not. The show doesn’t shy away from the monster-hood, by any means, but they’re still treated as individual people (which they are), and are just as relatable as Somali herself.

Also, the art style is really pretty. Like, Ghibli levels pretty.

I’m very interested to learn more about these characters and their world, and I strongly suggest y’all check it out.

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