First Impressions: Asteroid in Love



…….Earth Sciences club.

This is a yuri anime.

Specifically its an anime about two girls who met at summer camp as kids and promised to discover an asteroid together, because gays love space. Part of the uh…. concept for this anime is that girl A thought girl B was a boy when they were kids, and didn’t learn otherwise until later, but this plot point is dropped almost immediately with zero fanfare instead of dragging it out for a third of the series for ~~drama~~. Which is just…. such a delightful change of pace.

This first episode actually had the chance to use a lot of really old and boring romance clichés only to shoot them dead a second later in favor of a more heartwarming, easygoing tone. I actually really enjoy this one, the core cast is easy to like if…. a little archetypical, but this series doesn’t really seem to be interested in relationship drama or complex character exploration so it works for it.

The animation is a lot better than I would’ve expected. All the characters tend to be pretty fluid and there’s a lot of superfluous motion and pointless background events (such as a short sight gag of one character balancing a lunchbag on another’s head) that would normally be cut from these kinds of slice of life shows, and helps give what would otherwise be basic, two-dimensional cutouts a sense of life that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

I’m definitely gonna be sticking with this one. It’s a pleasant, relaxing watch, and I see no reason not to do just that.

Oh, this is from the same studio that adapted YuruYuri and Nozaki-kun. I guess that explains the production values.

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