First Impressions: Darwin’s Game

Well fellas, I am pleased to inform you that my E-rank luck is going strong this season and I have once again drawn one of the worse anime to do the Impressions review for.

Darwin’s Game is about an evil mobile game app that traps you in a battle royale death match competition, which IS the exact premise of Magical Girl Raising Project without the magical girls! Our main character is uh…. Kaname Sudo? Is what the blurb says? He’s your bog standard protagonist who is just so profoundly stupid while also managing to think far more than any normal person in a given timeframe.

He gets drawn into the game after his friend gets murdered by an invisible baseball mascot dressed like a panda with the number “666” on its jersey (yes, really) and after Kaname manages to win the match against the panda mascot due to the panda mascot being hit by a car while invisible (yes, really) his next act involves managing to win against the show’s first introduced female character by exploiting his OP item dupe glitch ability to press her into surrendering, which… apparently involves her swearing, to the evil mobile app, mechanically, to do whatever he says. The very next shot has him wake up with her naked while her face is in his crotch. Yes. Really.

For what its worth, this show does have solid animation and the fight scenes are legitimately exciting with how they set up the different powers on display by the opponents. On the other hand, every single character is a bog-standard archetype you’ve seen a million times, the women in the show are all shallow waifu bait who instantly become enthralled by the protagonist, and the story is a transparent power fantasy with few legitimately original ideas. Am I being too harsh because it decided to end with a powerful woman making herself subservient to aman objectively her inferior before said man collapses into her cleavage and then wakes up with her naked and her head in his crotch imediately before pressing him to knock her up? Maybe. Also because it had the absolute gall to give itself an hour long premiere when it absolutely does not deserve that.

I can see this being a guilty pleasure watch for some people, but I am not one of them.

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