First Impressions: number24

Hello sportsfans! Are you ready to watch sportsball in a sportsshow with beautiful sportsmen? Yes? I will assume you are thinking yes.

number24 is is about rugby, a sport no one cares about that shouldn’t exist. More specifically, its about Natsusu, a former star newbie in his university’s rugby team becoming a manager for said team after a motorcycle accident put him in the hospital for 6 months and left him unable to continue playing, which seems like a neat twist on the sportsball sportsmen sportsanime sportsgenre.

Asfar as this one goes, its pretty good. There’s a clear focus on character drama, and there’s plenty of sportshomoeroticism with its large sportscast of big muscled sportsmen. The production values are pretty high for a show about one of the most pointless games in sportsxistence, and the characters are all reasonably likable. I won’t be sticking with this one, because I could not be payed real sportsdollars to care about rugby, but if vaguely homoerotic sports anime are your thing, you could do worse than this.

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