First Impressions: Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

That… sure is what this anime is named. Descriptive.

Oh, look a yellow fetus that definitely isn’t made of pee. A peetus, if you will.

So, this seems like your pretty standard Dungeons and Dragons anime. It’s nice they’ve manage to capture the sheer chaotic stupidity of players, but it doesn’t really seem like anything new beyond that. You get a feel for the characters pretty easily, and they’re likable enough. The art style’s not bad (aside from a certain unwise color choice), and the pacing is steady enough for the first episode. It was kinda cool when that one lady turned into a dragon.

Overall, this one’s worth a watch if you’re into high fantasy/DnD type shows, but nothing groundbreaking (so far). I’ll probably check it out again.

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