First Impressions: Hatena Illusion

You know that trope where two childhood sweethearts meet again when they’re older only for one to discover that the other was a different gender than they assumed? This show makes a strong case for why that only works if its gay.  Also the protagonist gets sexually harrassed like….. a lot in this first episode.

If it matters, this showis apparently about a boy going to train as a magician under the tutelage of his childhood friend’s dad, who’s like, a legit wizard. Which I guess had premise as a concept, before a grown woman asks the teenage boy who is our protagonist straight-out if he’s the type to bottom for gay sex, like, five minutes in. Also the main girl is just…. so offended that her childhood friend is male and she just didn’t notice. Which is really just a cheap gimmick to let them be childhood friends while still doing the dumbass tsundere sexual tension thing, which doesn’t work both because its stupid and because the characters are rice crackers.

This show is listed as a romantic comedy, which just baffles the fuck outta me because it isn’t funny and the characters have zero romantic chemistry. The butler is named Jeeves.

This show is not great.

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