Uchitama?! Have you seen my Tama?

Ohhhhh, its Tama like the generic cat name, not like slang for balls. That’s a relief, maybe.

enjoy this picture of my cats, neither of which is named tama

I commented once a long, long time ago that there are cat anime and dog anime, but no anime with both cats and dogs. Well, now I’m pleased to announce that there’s at least one anime with both cats and dogs and its this one. The cats and dogs are friends. It’s cute.

Not much else more to say. The extremely cartoony animal forms don’t really fit the artstyle of everything else around them, but that’s about the only thing that jumps out at me about this premier.

I could quibble about how the pets seeing themselves as people from their own POV works for the dogs, but cats understand they and humans are different; or that you should keep your cats indoors because they’re bad for the local ecosystem; or complain about the kemonomimi forms having four ears, but its not really worth the effort.

The show set out to be a cute iyashikei about pretty kemonomimi people acting just enough like animals for it to not be creepy or off-putting while dealing with conflicts Peppa Pig would consider low-stakes, and it has succeeded.

So if you’re looking for something that’s cute and not much else, here ya go. Its an anime that’s cute and not much else. I might stick with it; I might not. It’s not the sort of show that would make much of a difference either way.

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