First Impressions: In/Spectre

Y’know, its always a delight when a show manages to grab you in the first 3 minutes. In/Spectre manages to do that, and then keep my attention through the entire first episode, which many shows sem to struggle with.

This show is about a girl named Iwanaga Kotoko, who was abducted by spirits as a child because they wanted her to serve as their “goddess of wisdom”, a process which involved removing one of her eyes and one of her legs, so she can be…. She’s a detective. She’s a magic ghost detective. That’s – that’s the joke in the title. In/spectre. Inspector. You get it. They want her to do this because I suppose they think her vibes are just splendid.

Kotoko happens to be in love with this guy a few years older than her named Kuro. Spirit and such are, conversely, terrified of Kuro, due to his vibes being absolutely rancid, and also for thus far unexplained reasons which I suspect rhyme with “zombie”. Together, they fight ghost crime.

This show is good! I have fun watching this show. Their banter is delightful and the production values are high enough that they look good while doing it. Its also neat that the protagonist not only uses a prosthetic instead of just having a magic ghost limb or whatever, but that the animation and story account for this and offer mulyiple visual reminders throughout the episode that she is, in fact, disabled, which is…. a lot rarer than it should be, you would think.

I really like this one and you should all go check it out. The pacing can be a little wonky in places, but it doesn’t really matter at all. There’s a rotting ghost of a samurai who likes romance novels. That… that should be all you need to know about this series.



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