First Impressions: Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it.

My sibling refused to do this one on the grounds that, and I quote, they ‘simply did not vibe with it.’

The characters in this show are not worthy of your presence, Scientist Bear.

Ha ha, nerds try to make everything math, hyuk hyuk hyuk, smart people talk like robots who swallowed the dictionary.

This anime made a point of showing the Lady Scientist’s butt, boobs, and legs before it could be bothered to show us her face, so my hopes were not high. Three minutes in, I can safely say that, much like my slacker sibling, I simply Do Not Vibe with this show. Maybe it’s because it’s Late O’clock, and I’m tired, and therefor cranky, but I just don’t have the patience for this one. Maybe if they had been less sexist in their introduction of Lady Scientist, or maybe if they relied less on the tired trope of Nerds Don’t Understand Feelings, I could give it more of a chance. As it is, the show’s too damn boring regardless of their intent, and I won’t be continuing this.

Save yourself the time, and give this one a miss too, maybe.

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