First Impressions: A3! _ACT!ADDICT!ACTORS!_

I thought this was gonna be an idol anime from the thumbnail, but it turns out its even worse! Its about a theatre company!

Specifically its about a girl helping save her the failing all-male theatre company (“all-male” here means one member and a parrot) her missing father used to work at from the yakuza, and takes over five minutes to get to that plot because it decided we should instead follow around the company’s newest recruit while he badly recites Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy to no one and then runs around being…. charmingly foolish? I guess? I don’t know, he’s one of those chipper airheaded genki girl types. But like, a dude.

Oh, also him being a bad actor is an intentional writing choice, and the opening scene of him completely misunderstanding the tone of the “all the world’s a stage” speech was an intentional set-up to that.

She should still just let the hot yakuza guy turn the theatre into a bar. The world needs fewer theatre kids.

If you, however, are bafflingly sympathetic to the lowest of the humanities, then this one might be for you. It fills that narrow gap for reverse-harem shows, making it a nice counter to all those harem shows, and while the animation isn’t outstanding it certainly isn’t bad, and it makes up for its somewhat bland character design with good use of lighting and color and an excellent soundtrack.

I’ll… probably stick with this one. It grew on me. Like a mold.

Oh, its based on a mobile game by the way. You can find it on the Google Play store and probably whatever the fuck Apple users have also?

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