First Impressions: ARP Backstage Pass

There sure are a lot of idol anime this season.

I gotta say, this is the first anime I’ve seen to accurately portray the true weirdness of the Boston Terrier face.
Still cute tho.

From the perspective of someone who’s never understood the appeal of idols, much less idol anime, this one isn’t bad. The music’s decent, the characters are surprisingly normal, and the documentary style is one I haven’t actually seen before. The art style’s pretty good, outside of the obvious CGI of the concerts, and the pacing isn’t jarring, despite the occasionally abrupt cuts. It’d be nice if instead of all boys or all girls, someone could make a co-ed idol anime, but that’s more a criticism of the genre as a whole, rather than this particular one (though more women in this one certainly wouldn’t go amiss). Also, I will note that for some of the ‘best dancers in the world,’ their moves are kinda… lame, even taking the choreography into account.

Go ahead and give this one a try if you’re into this sort of thing, you’ll probably enjoy it.

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