First Impressions: Tower of God

This show’s neat.

Apparently this is an adaptation of a Korean webtoon that’s like, super popular? I saw a lot of hype for this anime when it first got announced and apparently both the other writers for this blog have already read the source material, and yet I’ve never heard of this series even once in my life.

Tower of God is about a boy named Bam (or Twenty-fifth Bam, according to Wikipedia? Why is he numbered?) who used to live underground with a girl named Rachel but who’s name is also very clearly not pronounced that way. It’s pronounced like… Rahuru. One day Rahuru enters the Tower of God through, like, magic, or whatever? Because she wants to reach the top of the tower so she can see the stars. Bam, being extremely codependent, somehow also forces his way into the tower so he can reunite with her, and faces a series of dangerous trials while he ascends between floors.

Gotta tell ya, I’m not, like, super clear on what the fuck is all going on here? There’s a doll rabbit thing named Headon (apply directly to the forehead) and a tall princess lady who I love with my whole heart gives him a sword that can apparently only be used by certain people, and that sword is heterosexual.

What I do know is that this show is like, so pretty. This show looks and sounds just fucking great my dudes. I also fully intend to be sticking with this one.

Give us money.

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