First Impressions: The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?

First isekai of the season! Hope it doesn’t suck!

Excellent summation, well done.

So, it doesn’t suck! I mean, it’s nothing groundbreaking (so far) – office worker reincarnates as a kid in another world, etc etc. That said, this episode was pretty good, and I’m mildly intrigued to see what happens next. The art is pretty, the characters introduced so far look unique enough to tell them apart – even the brothers, who, by nature of blood relation, look fairly similar (and isn’t that remarkable, given anime usually takes genetics as a guideline at best, in my experience) – and I’m not hating the music, which really sells the whole European-lite fantasy world vibe. I’m not crazy about the CGI I’ve seen (mostly in the opening credits), but as it’s the first episode, I’m willing to give it time to improve. Also, none of the female characters that have been introduced so far have been sexualized at all (even the ones in the credits!), and there’s apparently gonna be a woman who fights with a massive battle axe, and I absolutely want to meet her.

I’ll probably be watching this again. Check it out for yourself, why don’t you.

We do this for free, but pay us anyway, maybe?

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