First Impressions: Gleipnir

This looks like a weird horror anime. Is it a weird horror anime?

That is an excellent question.

Yep, it’s a weird horror anime. High school kid starts turning into a mascot monster (pictured above), saves teenage girl from burning building (whose top is undone for some reason?), attempts to sexually assault her (not intentionally, he snaps out of it pretty quick, but still, gross, dude), she blackmails him into doing whatever she tells him, yadda yadda yadda, I stopped giving a shit after the first shot objectifying the teenage girls.

I did not like this one, Sam-I-Am, I did not like the persistent objectification of minors and blatant demonizing of female sexuality. All the mildly intriguing concepts and pretty animation in the world can’t get me to watch this again.

Money is nice, shame I don’t have any.

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