First Impressions: Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Today’s offering is an anime based on a gacha game. My expectations are not high.

What beautiful art. What stunning animation.

Princess Connect is about an amnesiac protagonist joining up with a bunch of pretty girls and trying to save the world – your typical isekai fantasy gacha fare.

I don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation, or the slowly going insane from self-isolation, but this show is actually kind of… funny? I mean it’s not good, but I’m finding myself enjoying it more than I expected. I mean, it is so dumb, and the characters are so stupid, but in a delightful way, that hit just right in a way I wasn’t expecting. I especially appreciate that the producers have decided to play up the whole ‘based on a game’ thing, rather than try to make it something entirely separate. The art’s not especially original, but it’s pretty enough regardless, and the music is nice.

Feel free to check it out, especially if you, too, are stuck in quarantine and are looking for something to alleviate the monotony.

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Well spotted.

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