First Impressions: Extra Olympia Kyklos

I’ve never particularly cared one way or another about Greek mythology and barely remember what little I learned about it in high school so I’m probably not the best person to be covering this one. Fingers crossed that it’ll be as stupid as it looks from the thumbnail and I won’t actually miss any particularly noteworthy references.

that’s a dick

Well that definitely was five minutes.

Fortunately the only reference to mythology was Zeus and I know that dude so I didn’t spend the whole time listening to that distinctive whooshing sound jokes make as they go flying over my head, but this show is boring.

The art style and animation are neat and I like that they didn’t try to stretch this into full length episodes, but none of the jokes made me laugh and it doesn’t even have any dicks in it. Pass.

our patreon doesn’t have any dicks in it either but you should support us anyway

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