First Impressions: SUPER HXEROS

I’m going to break the usual format a bit and open this one with a link to our new Patreon rather than sticking it at the end because some days, man. Some days.

i’d prefer not to

I’ma be real with you, 57th Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, this will not help Japan’s declining birthrate.

It’s generally not a good sign when you can’t keep your main characters on model for the first five minutes of the episode. An even worse sign is having characters explain to the audience that the main love interest hates men now but didn’t always, while showing her hating men right after a romantically framed flashback in which she clearly did not hate men. Sure the first few minutes of the episode are boring as hell and it would be completely understandable for absolutely no one to be paying attention, but a coma patient barely hearing the episode from another room could probably tell that the main heroine hates men now but didn’t always because a series that calls itself SUPER HXEROS probably thinks “subtlety” is a type of food.

The main character looks like the little dude from DNAngel. Remember that show? Anyone? About the little dude who turned into a taller dude with a dumb name to steal shit and also there was a love triangle or something? At least he doesn’t look like Kirito, I guess.

This is a horndog show and the guy is supposed to look and be boring, but the girls aren’t much better. This anime is definitely from the school of thought that a hair clip counts as a distinct character design. I know there are no new ideas under the sun and originality has been dead since Ancient Greece, but you could try a little harder. And if you’re going to make the enemies bugs, have them do bug things. Otherwise, you’re just being too lazy to come up with actual monster designs.

The gag of the baby voiced idol switching to talk like a normal person after her desires get eaten or whatever was genuinely funny and I appreciate that the girls aren’t the only ones getting naked (though aren’t school uniforms expensive? If i was Protagonist-kun’s dad I’d be pissed), but that’s really all the good I can say about this. The sound design is bad, the pacing is boring, the animation barely exists, and the concept (aside from the ecchi elements) is better suited to a kid’s show then something targeted to teenagers/young adults. This is a hard pass and oh look here’s that Patreon link again.

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