First Impressions: Monster Girl Doctor

No! You can’t make me do this again! You cannot make me do this again! Every season! Every season I sit here and I watch the worst anime on the release schedule! I will not do this again! Fuck you!

Monster Girl Doctor is about an extremely generic young man getting hit on by monster girls for 20 minutes a week and calling it medical care.

Its combination of genuine(?) attempt at episodic character-driven medical mystery   and incredibly horny fetish bait is…. jarring. The first episode expects you to accept a centaur character didnt notice her back hooves growing too long, and also that her hooves are apparently an erogenous zone.

This series does not deserve the infrequent boost in quality some of its animation cuts have. On the other hand, there’s a cut where the obligatory snake girl’s tail impales itself. So.

Watching this show has entitled me to financial compensation.

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