First Impressions: The God of High School

Is this a Dragon Ball thing? This feels like a Dragon Ball thing.

God of High School is an adaptation of a webcomic by the same name, about a bunch of teenagers who end up in a fighting tournament. It starts with a couple of corrupt politicians and a bunch of innocent bystanders getting murdered because they pissed off the prime minister or something, which is kind of a dick move, but you aren’t given much time to dwell on that because the first episode then jumps from Prime Minister Park being vaguely ominous to introducing our resident Goku expy, Jin Mori, who is good and sweet and very, very stupid.

It’s fun. The fights have a very goofy, Dragon Ball feel to them, and the episode starts off with Mori chasing an alleged purse snatcher down the street on his bike. The alleged thief is on a motorcycle. Mori’s bike breaks all sorts of laws of physics and reality, and during this chase scene it routinely disappears and pops back up in place of being destroyed by the cars and lorries Mori and the alleged thief are racing against the tide of. It’s ridiculous. And stupid. I love it.

The other characters don’t get much focus in the first episode. Mira is a sword girl who is also very dumb. Daewi punches things real good and is a hardworker. They both seem like fun. The series seems like it’ll be a fun, dumb fight show. Also the opening theme fucking slaps. Check it out.

Not pictured: the road sign about to become intimately acquainted with Mira’s face.

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