First Impressions: DECA-DENCE

I was going to open this with a half-serious rant about the game localization company Natsume and the shitty priorities of their shitty Harvest Moon games based entirely on the main girl’s name, but when looking for the featured image I saw that this was directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa– otherwise known as the director of The Greatest Anime of The Past Five Years If Not All Time Mob Psycho 100– so fuck that. I’m officially excited about watching this and in this moment could almost not care less about Natsume and the shitty priorities of their shitty Harvest Moon games.

lol check out this fucked up dog

Yeah, it’s good.

It’s been so long, you guys. I don’t remember the last time I reviewed something good. I just want to take a moment to savor it.

It looks good, it sounds good, it exposits good, the characters are Very good, and there’s a purple guy in it. It’s just… It’s so beautiful.


Anime set in post-apocalypic wastelands wherein a plucky underdog has to Prove Their Worth by fighting some manner of weird alien monster thing are a dime a dozen, and usually I’m not really into them. It’s less a matter of quality and more just being Not My Jam. Even last season’s Listeners– which is an excellent addition to the genre stuffed to the brim with instantly likeable characters, fun concepts and ideas, and spectacular animation, music, and sound design- I lost interest in after two or three episodes. This one, however, I am 100% on board with.

Chalk it up to being a fan of the director, or the fucked up dog, or the general idea of purple dudes, or it being released in the middle of the week rather than the crowded weekend, but I’ll almost certainly be sticking with this one all season long.

If you would like me to rant about Natsume’s shitty Harvest Moon games, you can do so by requesting an essay over on our Patreon.

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