First Impressions:: Higurashi: When They Cry

That isn’t how blood splatter works, I’m pretty sure.

Higurashi is a remake of the OVA adaptation of the kinetic novels of the same name. It begins with our protagonist, Keichii, beating the dead bodies of his best friends like they’re overly macabre novelty pinatas, and then jumps back in time to when things are still sweet and wholesome and only get off-putting whenever a mysterious dam accident comes up in a display of subtlety nearly reminiscent of a certain demon king anime.

I’m struggling with this one, to be honest. I mean, I’m going to watch more of it, because I’m invested, but it’s less of genuine investment than the investment born of watching a teenage boy beat his best friends to death with a baseball bat at the beginning of an episode that ends on a cliffhanger in a junkyard with a sharp blade. The characters are very cutesy in a way that’s lightly charming but not especially memorable or unique. I remember when I started writing this I was feeling very excited to recommend it, but now that I’m nearly at the end of this paragraph, I can’t quite remember why? It’s a very fun-in-the-moment kind of opening episode. Give it a few episodes to see if it grows into some staying power if you like horror anime, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be worth the investment otherwise.

A typical group of classmates, aged 11-16.

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