First Impressions: HYPNOSISMIC – Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima

I found out after writing this review that this is actually part of a rap-based multimedia project, which has cleared up absolutely nothing but forced me to consider that I perhaps simply do not understand the appeal of Japanese rap.

Am I high? Did someone drug me? Have I been transported to some sort of meth-induced rap-themed hellscape to atone for my sins?

HYPNOSISMIC is a rap anime about gangs of rappers who fight each other using special microphones that inflict pain on their opponents, and also, on me. The opening theme is atrocious to a point that it bludgeons any sense out of you, and while the raps in the actual show are better that’s not… necessarily… better? They’re very hectic and colorful and I do not much care for them for several reasons, but primarily because I cannot for the life of me identify the rhythm they are supposed to be aiming for which just serves to emphasize the feeling of disorientation and vague nausea. Also about halfway through this happens:


which wasn’t quite what I, being an unapologetic flaming queer, was rooting for as soon as this exchange began, but was close enough and unexpected enough that I had to stop for a solid fifteen minutes for the rising hysteria to overwhelm me before I could continue with the episode. What is this show about. Who made it. Where do they live. I just want a chat, honest.

You can tell which pairs are meant as foils because they all have this eye reversal. This is as subtle as the episode got before I became unable to pick up on it.

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