First Impressions: I’m Standing on a Million Lives

Not to open my first review of the season with undue cynicism, but $10 says the title is more a brag about how Our Hero is Super Special Awesomely Powerful, Like No One Ever Was than a call for the level of mindfulness and sense of responsibility someone should have when entrusted with the fate of an entire world.

then you must be having a blast this year

To say this episode defied expectations is both putting it lightly and being extremely charitable. The title, cold open, and genuinely creepy way Our Hero was initially isekai’d led me to believe this would be aiming for horror, only for it to take a sudden left turn into comedy as soon as the Game Master showed up and turned Protag-kun into Raguna, but if he was a dickhead. I don’t dislike it (getting isekai’d and getting to be a farmer is, like, the dream, but I have a sneaking suspicion Ragunot won’t be doing much farming), but it was weird.

And the episode never really got over it’s tonal issues, though it was pretty and the character designs, while nothing special, aren’t obnoxious or overly generic. The bigger issue is with Our Hero, who is a capital “a” Asshole.

There’s a special level of frustration that comes from the main character of a power fantasy isekai being you in middle school. On one hand, he’s definitely Relatable. But on the other, nobody likes who they were in middle school because middle schoolers are awful.

Your enjoyment this episode will mainly rely on two factors: how well you deal with the tonal issues, and how much you can tolerate the dickhead they’ve decided we should follow instead of literally anyone else. For my part, I didn’t hate it. Since I work on Fridays I usually put weekend anime off until Monday, so only time the rest of the weekend’s offerings will tell how long I’ll be sticking with this, but as it stands I can see myself checking out a couple more episodes at least.

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