First Impressions: Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You

I would say I want to be Nasa, but I’m pretty sure I already am Nasa.

Tonikawa is a romantic comedy about a boy who gets hit by a lorry crossing the street to talk to a cute girl, who then marries her at the earliest opportunity so they can date.

I, too, would probably die trying to talk to a cute girl in real life.

Despite how that description sounds, the series opener is actually very cute. Nasa is awkward and somewhat dumb, but he works hard and is relatable in a far less painful way than the protagonist of another recent premiere is. Tsukasa is genuinely sweet and somewhat manipulative, but it plays as charming rather than creepy. It really manages to come across as two people who are genuinely interested in each other trying to start a relationship, and I can only assume the unfortunate requirement Tsukasa offers has something to do with the fact she’s probably the moon.

Subtlety, thy name is anime.

The animation can occasionally look a bit wonky to my admittedly untrained eye, but that might be intentional; more often than not the oddness works for, and not against, it. The first episode does a solid job of setting up Nasa as a character, and I’m genuinely fond enough of both him and his new wife that I’m willing to give this anime a season to absolutely ruin my life.

Overall, this premiere was cute and sweet and wholesome, and I have not stopped rambling about it to whoever will put up with me since I finished it. You, too, should go watch it and then ramble inarticulately to whoever loves you best about it.

Nasa, discovering the joys of holding a girl’s hand for the first time.

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