First Impressions: Assault Lily BOUQUET

Y’know, normally I’d refuse to call this a magical girl anime because they don’t have transformation sequences, but it turns out they do! For their weapons. Wild.

This is an anime adapted from uh. From toys. Its based on a toy line. I… guess I don’t need to worry about any of the characters dying? Can’t be damaging the product, after all. That’s poor advertisement.

This anime is produced by SHAFT, which should tell you everything you need to know about it to be honest. High end production values, a horny guy’s idea of overtly romantic relationship dynamics between girls that most likely will never actually go anywhere beyond kind of awkward flirting or vaguely voyeuristic dialogue and shot composition, and some of the weirdest pacing you’ve ever had to sit through in a high grade anime production. It straight up feels like there are two different scenes missing. Also the protagonist spends two minutes following the mandatory pointless cold open narrating directly to the audience about exposition.

This show is uh. Well, its here. There’s other stuff to watch on Fridays, but if you’re really desperate for Jungle Jim’s Discount Lesbians than knock yourself out.

Oh it does seem like the pink haired Madoka clone is gonna go the full harem protagonist route, if that tickles you buttons.


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