First Impressions: By the Grace of the Gods

Okay, this one’s kinda cute.

By the Grace of the Gods is an anime about an 11-year old boy who lives alone in the forest raising slimes, which is, and this is true, the dream. Oh, and the reason he’s in the forest raising slimes is because he was a thirty-something office worker who died in his sleep and agreed to have his soul resurrected into the body of an eight year old so the gods of that world could use it as a hole punch in the fabric of reality and siphon off all the unused magic from Earth to the planet they actually care about.

With such a bulletproof plan, what could possibly go wrong?

So far it’s a charming little isekai that I’m cautiously optimistic about, and am happy to report that there is, according to Charlie, not yet any inappropriate relationships to be concerned about, which means I’m going to continue watching it guilt-free, and you should to!

oh to be a young child snoozing in a field of slime

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