First Impressions: Ikebukuro West Gate Park

I’m not angry, I’m just bored.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park is the anime adaptation of a series of mystery light novels by the same name, not to be confused with the television adaptation of the same series, which I almost used as an excuse not to do this at all. The animation is competent, and there were a few moments that provoked some slight inclination towards investment, but oh my god it is so. boring. They don’t even get to be there to break up the drug ring in the end. They just plant some evidence and let the cops do the rest, because as we all know, cops would never stoop to breaking the law or planting evidence.

Like stalk people, break into private property, commit assault – what do you mean this joke is “too political”

So far it looks like a fairly cookie cutter police procedural, but with a 20-something retail employee doing a good chunk of the police work. Not really something I’d check out for recreation, but it might be a good sleep aid.

Smoking may kill, but I doubt it’s as efficient as whatever this is.

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