First Impressions: Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma kuma. Kuma. Kuma kuma. Bear.

not quite

I don’t know what I was expecting, but “VR MMO anime about a girl wearing a kigurumi” was not it. Which is not to imply that it’s bad, of course- i enjoyed it quite a bit- it’s just… unexpected.

The animation outside of the battle scene (which is nothing earth-shattering) is about as minimal as it can get without being a slide show, there are spots with no sound that should at least feature footsteps or murmuring extras, and color saturation has been set to max so make sure you have some acetaminophen and caffeine on standby if you’re prone eye strain, but it’s an otherwise cute and harmless way to kill 20 minutes each week. The best thing it has going for it is the main character, who nice to look at, fun to watch, and sounds like a normal human being instead of a helium addict. Green hair and red eyes is a severely underrated combination that one mainly only sees in video games featuring character customization being played by me. This isn’t even the first anime of the season featuring it (though the demon king’s eyes are a bit more orange than red), so perhaps the world is finally coming to it’s senses.

As cool as she is (and she is cool as hell), it may be tough for Yuna for carry the series without a bit more substance to her. If you’ve been looking for something to fill the BOFURI shaped hole in your life, this should do nicely. At the very least, it seems worth sticking around for a few episodes.


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