First Impressions: Adachi and Shimamura

Delinquents in love, what more could you ask for.

This one’s pretty cute, honestly. A couple of high schoolers hang out instead of going to class. It’s a very cute, queer slice-of-life anime, with ping-pong and awkward teenagers and. uh. Rain? I think?

Only a complete delinquent would ignore common sense safety rules.

I’ll be honest, I’m not big on slice of life series in general, and this premiere lost me pretty early by starting after the titular girls are already friends, and then telling a lot of the story in flashback. A lot of the narration sounds like it’s coming from reminiscing when they’re older, which is fine, but makes it difficult to tell when the flashback begin and end. I mean, I’m still going to watch it every week, because I’m willing to give even the most boring anime a chance if it has even the possibility of having that Good Queer Rep, but maybe give this one a miss if you aren’t starved for rep or a fan of slice of life.

Just two gals bein’ pals.

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