First Impressions: KAPIBARASAN

Uh-oh, we somehow managed to overlook the newest cute as hell weekly commercial for a toy line no one outside of Japan has ever heard of. Can’t be having that.


I pride myself on always watching the whole episode (with some exceptions) before posting my review, but this is going to have to be one of those rare occasions that I do not because that screenshot up there is like the fourth time Crunchyroll’s player crashed over the course of this premier and that is just way more trouble than any minute and a half long toy commercial is worth.

Based on the tiny bit I managed to see, it sure is a toy commercial. I don’t really want one of the toys it’s selling (and not only because I’m irritated with the player issues), but I can understand the appeal. I’m not gonna try watching it again, but if it looks cute and you can successfully watch it, you probably won’t consider it a waste of time.

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