First Impressions: The Day I Became a God

The duo behind Angel Beats! and Charlotte have made Odin a ten year old girl.

The Day I Became a God is, so far, about a high school senior who is remarkably unconcerned with the fact a child claiming to be the Norse god Odin appeared out of nowhere, proved to have some truly uncanny powers of prediction, and told him that the world was ending in thirty days. She offers to grant him any wish he asks for that can come true before the world ends, and instead of, I dunno, asking to know how to stop the world from ending, he tries to use this ten year old shojo protagonist to instead get a girl he likes to date him.

It’s ridiculous. There’s so much promise for stupid drama. They made Odin into a ten year old girl, and from what she’s said she doesn’t even intend to avert the end of the world, just ruin this random guy’s life until it happens. I was a little annoyed by that at first, but then Yota made his wish to get Odin to help him seduce his childhood friend and I realized that I, too, would like very much to see him miserable before the end of the world. Call me petty, but I did not invest this much annoyance into the premiere not to watch the next couple episodes, at least.

Also, this? This joke? Maybe cut it for the English dub.

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