First Impressions: Dropout Idol Fruit Tart

I have two predictions for this series: it’s going to make some sort of critique of the modern Japanese idol industry, and it’s going to be as cloyingly cute as it can get away with in the process.

Dropout Idol Fruit Tart is about a small town country girl who arrives in Tokyo to pursue her dream of being an idol, and ends up sharing a house with the subtly named Rat Productions’ other unpopular talent: Nina, a well-endowed but body-shy would-be model; Hayu, a guitarist who can’t find a band because she is allegedly uncooperative, a trait that we do not see any evidence of in this first episode but which I’m sure will be put to good use with drama going forward; and Roko, a former child actor trying to break out of child roles who is, presumably, kept from that goal by her height.

Don’t worry! She will be.

It’s very cute. There’s a very unsubtle moment at the end where their manager provides ‘evidence’ that boobs are more important to ratings than genuine character development or emotion. I don’t know how she came by this evidence, since I’m pretty sure that’s not how viewership works, but hey, I’m not the manager for a slapdash idol group made up of people who have no experience with the industry whatsoever.

That said, it’s a perfectly fine show. A good way to fill the silence, if nothing else.

That is the Bottleneck also came out today. It’s four minutes long, and not really worth spending time making a separate post for.

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