First Impressions: Onyx Equinox

I’ll be honest, this series is starting out with a couple strikes against it already on account of how it was released the weekend before American Thanksgiving, and has interrupted my attempts to kill every slaver in Fallout 3.

Look, it’s fine. It’s a bit wonky in places – it feels like every voice actor was told to sound as stilted and detached as they could, which is fine for the actual gods but makes the very touching moments of bonding and sacrifice come across as some weird absurdist parody. It definitely doesn’t help that the dialogue is of the sounds-good-on-paper variety, that requires some actual vocal talent and direction to pull off; unfortunately, they were clearly lacking in at least one of those areas, because it wasn’t.

But I like the art style, and to my relief it was released it English, although for whatever reason the English subtitles didn’t load, which means I still missed half of what was being said and had to rewatch the episode. The last line of the premiere is “We’re all fucked” which is, and this is true, a goddamn mood, but not enough of one for me to feel like this is worth recommending? I’ll give it another episode or two just to see if the voice acting improves, but unless you’re really into the genre and/or Aztec mythology it likely won’t amount to more than a white noise generator.

I don’t really have a joke for this one, I just really liked this screenshot.

And here’s our Patreon, if you can spare a couple dollars a month. Sorry, no long-winded appeal this time – have a good week and stay safe.

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