Old Man’s Journey: A Gentle Exploration of Hope

Old Man’s Journey is a puzzle adventure game developed and published by Broken Rules in 2017. It follows the titular old man’s travels following a letter containing sad news. The player is tasked with manipulating the path to enable the old man to reach his destination, just in time to say goodbye to his ailing … Continue reading Old Man’s Journey: A Gentle Exploration of Hope

First Impressions: Idol Anime Blitz!

Because none of us particularly care for idol anime, I will be doing this season's all at once. You're welcome. First Anime: Gekidol "Good thing you're the protagonist!" Girl sees theater production, wants to become actress, also there's an apocalypse going on. 6/10 - good animation, decent music, characters fine Second Anime: I*Chu the best … Continue reading First Impressions: Idol Anime Blitz!