First Impressions: Skate-Leading Stars

With a new year comes a new anime season, and with a new winter anime season comes a new skating anime that will inevitably be compared to Yuri!!! On ICE by Western audiences despite them having next to nothing in common.

Skate-Leading Stars is, apparently, a daytime soap with a sports anime aesthetic. From the main character’s decision to quit skating when he was eleven (because his rival refused to acknowledge him) to his decision to return (by stealing said rival’s exhibition routine and then knocking out a competitor to steal his slot), the closest thing to fun this premiere managed to be was the vague mania brought about when his sketchy new best friend was shown to have knocked out one of his alleged half-brother’s competitors and tied him up so that our main character could skate in his place.

i’m pretty sure assault is illegal no matter his skill level, hayato

The first two episodes are up on Funimation. I’m going to go watch the next one, because I can’t decide whether or not this show is bad enough to be fun to watch yet, but I’m going to find out. It doesn’t officially air until the tenth, according to Wikipedia, but you should absolutely see if it’s bad enough to be fun for you, too.

It’s a team skating anime, allegedly.

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